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K2 Five 5.2 is now available


We're excited to announce that K2 Five 5.2 is now available! This release includes several new features and enhancements, including the highlights featured below. Detailed information about this release can be found in the release notes. Click on the "Download" button below to access both the full and update install versions for this release.

Feature Highlights


Conditional Start Rule

The Conditional Start rule makes it even easier to build workflows that start based on a particular condition being met, like when a Salesforce account has been set to active or verifying input from an IoT device against a specific set of criteria.


Save as Draft

Utilize the new draft forms capability to enable your iOS and Android users with the ability to save their work as a draft to resume later or to work on while offline.


Server-Side Rule Execution

Use server-side rules in SmartForms to improve the performance and user experience of your forms by utilizing new server-side execution of actions including SmartObject and Workflow interaction, navigation and more.


Integration, Process Metrics and More

Integrate with UiPath's RPA capabilities to build powerful end-to-end process applications that combine the power of bots and humans, access detailed process metrics with a single click, build smarter task reminder emails and more.