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K2 Release Policy for Cumulative Updates and Fix Packs


The success of our customers is our number one priority and we strive to provide you with the information you need to be successful with K2. To that end, this bulletin is to clarify K2's release policy for Cumulative Updates and Fix Packs.

Cumulative Update and Fix Pack Overview

K2 software releases fall into different release vehicles. Major releases, such as K2 Five, represent a major product generation of the K2 platform. Minor releases, such as K2 Five 5.2, include the latest updates as well as new features and functionality, are are released roughly once per year

K2's sustained engineering department works hard to fix issues for reported or discovered issues in a product version. When fixes are tested and ready for our customers, we release a Fix Pack. These Fix Packs are available for download on the K2 Partner and Customer Portal and are typically released weekly. Fix Packs are cumulative, meaning that the latest released Fix Pack also includes the previously released fixes.

Periodically, we roll the Fix Packs into a Cumulative Update. A Cumulative Update contains all preceding Cumulative Updates and Fix Packs for the applicable product. Once a Cumulative Update is released, we will continue to release Fix Packs containing new fixes using this as a base.

Generally, Fix Packs and Cumulative Updates do not include new features or functionality, but they may enable features or functionality that was available but limited in the major or minor release associated with the Cumulative Update. For example, Fix Pack 5 for K2 Five (5.2) included an enhancement, not generally available in previous releases, that allows mail steps in a workflow to use HTML markup.

K2's latest support policies are described in more detail in the K2 Product Support and Release Strategy, located at http://help.k2.com/k2releasestrategy. 

Checking Installed Versions

In order to verify which version, Cumulative Update or Fix Pack is installed in a K2 environment, please refer to KB001893: How to determine the installed K2 software version, Cumulative Updates and Fix Packs. Be sure you are installing newer Fix Packs in your environment, and not overwriting with older Fix Packs.

Downloading Fix Packs

Released Cumulative Updates and Fix Packs can be found on the K2 Partner and Customer Portal. You will see Cumulative Updates listed in the appropriate product release version downloads. In order to see available Fix Packs, look at the product download page for the full installer. Each Fix Pack has associated Release Notes, which include details on each fix. These are available on the K2 Knowledge Center so you can search for your error message or symptoms and find the associated fix.

Please contact your K2 Account Manager should you have any specific questions.