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New K2 blackpearl SmartStarters Now Available for Download

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As part of K2’s commitment to provide our customers with quality product innovations, we are excited to announce the release of new SmartStarters for K2 blackpearl. The new SmartStarters include preconfigured apps for scenarios like event planning, training requests and issue management and are available for you to install and run as-is, or to customize as needed.

Details on prerequisites and how to download and install the SmartStarters can be found below


In order to take advantage of the new SmartStarters, you must be running K2 blackpearl 4.7. For information on 4.7, including prerequisites, installation instructions and download location, please see the K2 4.7 Release News Bulletin.

If you have any of the previously released K2 SmartStarters installed, they will continue to run as usual on K2 blackpearl 4.7.


To access any of the available K2 SmartStarters, navigate to the K2 SmartStarters page on K2.com. Please note that you must be logged in with your K2 Customer and Portal account in order to access this page.

Download the appropriate SmartStarter package and follow the included instructions to install the package into your K2 blackpearl environment.


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K2 Product Team