Course Overview

Estimated Duration: 4 hours
Version: 2.1
Publish Date: October 2016
Based on product version: 4.7 (Later versions of K2 may have additional features or functionality not covered in this learning module)

Course Description

In the K2 for SharePoint: Integrator training course, participants will learn how use K2 for SharePoint to build K2 Applications that integrate with SharePoint 2013 and later through K2 workflows and K2 SmartObjects. Participants will also learn about the architecture of K2 for SharePoint. An optional section of this course compares K2 for SharePoint 2010 to K2 for SharePoint, and is recommended for anyone currently using K2 for SharePoint 2010.

Unless stated otherwise, assume that any reference to K2 for SharePoint refers to K2 for SharePoint Online/SharePoint 2013/SharePoint 2016.

Intended Audience

The K2 for SharePoint: Integrator training course is intended for roles who will use tools like K2 Studio to build applications outside of SharePoint that will integrate with SharePoint. Typical roles that would benefit from this course include:

This course is a 300-level course and participants must have preferably have completed either the K2 for SharePoint: Application Builder or K2 blackpearl Core training course prior to starting this course. See additional requirements in the Course Prerequisites section.


After completing this course, participants should know how to use K2 for SharePoint with K2 workflows and K2 SmartObjects to build applications that integrate with SharePoint 2013/2016/Online. Participants should also understand the basic architecture of K2 for SharePoint and the underlying infrastructure that allows K2 to integrate with SharePoint.

Course Prerequisites

To get most out of this training course, it is highly recommended that the participants have the following skills and proficiency levels.

Technology/Skill Proficiency Notes and examples Links
Microsoft SharePoint 2013/2016/Online Site Administration Intermediate

Participants should be able to perform at least the following functions in SharePoint 2013:

  • Create SharePoint Sites, Lists and Libraries
  • Add and configure Apps and App Parts

Overview of sites and site collections in SharePoint 2013

Install and manage apps for SharePoint 2013

Add apps for SharePoint to a SharePoint 2013 site

K2 SmartObjects Basic Participants should have a basic understanding of K2 SmartObjects


K2 SmartForms and K2 Studio (optional) Basic While not required, it is recommended that Participants have basic familiarity with using K2 Studio to create SmartObjects and workflows as well as creating K2 SmartForms with the K2 Designer.  

Course Learning Materials

This course consists of a student guide and supporting video content.

If required, the course materials are also available as downloads:

Item Format Notes
Course Handbook PDF Contains the content of this training guide, excluding the step-by-step exercises
Exercise Guide PDF Contains the step-by-step instructions to complete the hands-on exercises in this course
Exercise Solutions zip archive Contains the solutions for the hands-on exercises, as a zipped K2 Studio project

Environment for practical exercises

The course includes several exercises where participants will build a K2 application in a SharePoint environment. For training events led by a K2 instructor or purchased with K2 credits, a K2 Virtual Machine will be provided in either local (virtual machine) or hosted (cloud) modes. Depending on the course logistics and delivery mechanism, K2 may provision the hosted environments ahead of time or participants will use on-demand provisioning to set up their virtual environments. Please refer to the K2 Knowledge Base article KB001397 for more information about the different Virtual Machine options and the prerequisites for each approach.

For hosted (cloud) virtual machines, participants should verify that they are able to access the virtual machine as described in the Knowledge Base article KB001279 prior to the training event starting, to allow sufficient time to troubleshoot connectivity issues.

For self-directed training where K2 does not provide a cloud-hosted virtual machine, participants may download a Virtual Machine image and use virtualization software to run the machine. This procedure is described further in the Knowledge Base article KB001613. Alternatively, the hands-on exercises in this training course can be repeated in any environment with K2 and SharePoint 2013 installed, provided that the participant has sufficient rights to deploy K2 workflows and SmartObjects to their K2 environment. When using your own environment to complete the exercises, some screenshots may be different (for example when searching for users or environment-specific settings shown in screenshots), but fundamentally the exercises can be rebuilt in any K2 for SharePoint environment.

Course Content

This course will take approximately 4 hours to complete (excluding breaks ). The course contains one module (300.SNA: Building Applications that integrate with SharePoint) that is divided into four parts:

Part 1: Understanding K2 for SharePoint

Part 2: SharePoint 2013 Workflow wizards

Part 3: SharePoint 2013 SmartObjects

Part 4: K2 for SharePoint 2013 vs. K2 for SharePoint 2010 (Optional)

(Part 4 is optional and recommended for audiences that are currently using K2 for SharePoint 2010, since the architecture and features are significantly different between K2 for SharePoint 2010 and K2 for SharePoint 2013/2016/Online)

Additional content and resources

Beyond this course, the following resources and content are also available to users of K2 for SharePoint

Content/Resource Overview and notes
K2 for SharePoint Product Documentation The official product documentation for K2 for SharePoint
K2 Community Site A community of K2 professionals featuring forums, blogs, samples and other resources
K2 Knowledge Center K2’s Knowledge Base
K2 Product Support The K2 portal where you may log product support requests

Questions, Comments or Feedback about this training course?

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K2 for SharePoint: Integrator2.1
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