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How to select multiple users from the picker control and then save them each individually into their own records using the 'for each' rule.

Before You Begin

Make sure that you have created the SmartObject to which your data will be saved as this article does not cover creation of SmartObjects, due to the SmartObject being different from scenario to scenario.

How-to Steps

1. Create a view containing a picker control and a button.
2. Bind the picker control to the SmartObject you would like to save the values to.


3. Next, configure the button with the below rule construction.

     When Button is Clicked

         For Selected items in Picker list control

             Then on View101 SmartObject, execute its Create method (configure)

4. You can now configure the "
Then on View101 SmartObject, execute its Create method
 (configure)" rule with the below properties: