K2 provides several Remote Services to customers, including services like:

  • Remote Mentoring
  • After-hours Support
  • Remote Installation
  • Remote Training
  • Certification Tests
  • On-Demand Training
Note: Available Service offerings may vary depending on the region in which you are located.

This article describes how you can use the Partner and Customer Portal to schedule a Remote Services request with K2. (Requests for On-Demand Training and to take K2 Certification Tests are also made using the Remote Sevices scheduling system).

These services are normally paid for with K2 Service Credits. You may purchase Service Credits from the K2 Store (https://store.k2.com), or by contacting your local K2 office or K2 account manager.

  1. Log-on to the Customer and Partner Portal at https://portal.k2.com.
  2. Select Support > K2 Remote Services > New K2 Remote Services Request.
  3. You will be directed to the Remote Services Dashboard. From the dashboard you can see the number of available and allocated Service Credits, along with how-to videos for further assistance.
  4. Click Next to select the type of service you require. 
    Depending on the service selected, you will see a number of additional steps as tabs across the top of the form.
  5. Service offerings may vary depending on the region in which you are located. The table below describes available services:
  6. Click Next to complete the remaining steps of the request, filling in the necessary information as you go.
    The sample below shows the fields displayed for the On-Demand Training service type; the steps and fields will look different depending on the service offering you selected.
    As you complete the fields and steps, the Credits counters will update accordingly based on the pricing and configuration of your service request.
  7. Click Next to add an attachment on the final step if necessary.
  8. Click Submit and accept credit terms.
  9. The final screen should show that the request was submitted successfully.