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K2 blackpearl setup manager hangs when running on the 2nd server node

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There is a known issue when running the K2 4.7 blackpearl setup manager on K2 farm environment, it will complete the configuration on 1st server node successfully.  But when you run the setup manager on the 2nd server node, setup manager hangs with an error mesaage like "Distributed install in progress - K2 blackpearl Server on machine: "


When running the setup manager on 1st K2 server node, it will add a "[SERVER_BUSY]" variable value to the "[HostServer]. [Configuration]" table and it will remain after the configuration is done.

When you try to run the setup manager on the 2nd server node, it hangs because "[SERVER_BUSY]" variable value is still set.


As the above image displays [SERVER_BUSY] variable value is set after running the setup manager on the 1st K2 server node.


  • Re-run the K2 blackpearl setup manger on the 1st server node to remove the variable value
  • Select Configure K2 blackpearl
  • Complete the configuration steps without making any changes 

This will reset the "[SERVER_BUSY]" variable token value. Then you should be able to run the setup manger on the 2nd server node successfully.