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When deploying a K2 P&D package, on the deployment screen, an error is shown that a K2 Event receiver cannot be deployed


When deploying a K2 P&D package the following error occurs: "K2 Event Receiver - ItemAdded SharePoint Item : Error Message: Access denied. You do not have permission to perform this action or access this resource"

Troubleshooting Steps

This issue can occur when migrating a SharePoint site from one environment to another and the old K2 Event receivers are also moved across.

To fix the issue, please download the SharePoint Manager 2013:

Open the Manager and find the SharePoint Site collection you are trying to deploy to. Once you have located it, look for the specific list you are trying to deploy to, go to EventReceivers, and delete the event receiver that is shown in the error message. Please have a look at the example below.