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The rule "populate list control with cache data" was configured. When using a simple filter, it works well. However, when using advanced filter, this does not work even no rules are changed. 

Since you cannot specify "OR" condition without the advanced filter, this error impacts on the application.


This is caused by the difference between how the simple filter and the advanced filter are evaluated.

The simple filter is able to resolve different data types (string and int) while the advanced filter matches data types to resolve.

The cached data rule was also creating an issue, because of the topology of the SharePoint list items and how the lookups were working.

Troubleshooting Steps

The evaluation of the filter was changed to only look at data types that matched and the functionality of the rule was changed to not use cached data.

It is also recommended to use a Smartbox SmartObject for all of the data that isn't needed on SharePoint because these calls will be much faster and reduce server load.