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Get a word’s definition using K2

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Using K2 SmartObjects and the Endpoint WebService to get the definition of a word.

Before You Begin

  1. Navigate to the following URL: 


  2. Select "Define"

  3. In the Word Box Type in a word:
  4. Select Invoke:

How-to Steps

  1. Open the K2 SmartObject Tester Tool
  2. Register a new Endpoint WebService ServiceInstance:


  3. Generate SmartObject from the ServiceInstance

  4. Execute the following SmartObject and enter any word
    Endpoint WebService / [SERVICE_NAME] / DictService Objects / Define (String word)

  5. Output:

  6. Copy all of this text and execute the following SmartObject:
    Endpoint WebService / [Service_Name] / Object Types / Definition / Methods / Deserialize Array


  7. Copy the first entry into Notepad, (remove the header as this is copied with the results):


    Before continueing, please do not copy the YELLOW part
  8. Copy the string and paste it into the following method:
    Endpoint WebService / [Service_Name] / Object Types / Definition / Methods / Deserialize


  9. Following the same steps but using SmartForms, it will look similar to this: