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SQL Server Service: - SQL table with a dot in the name only shows List method

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When create a SQL Server Service Instance SmartObject from a table in SQL with a dot in the name, the SmartObject only has a List method available.


Example: The SmartObject based off a table with the name [dbo].[My.Test.Table] will only expose the List method.



To resolve this issue, complete the following steps:


  1. Rename the Table in SQL and use underscore instead of dots in the table names. ([dbo].[ My_Test_Table] for the example above)
  2. Using the SmartObject Services Tester Tool, refresh the SQL Server Service Instance.
  3. Recreate the SmartObject

Should the old SmartObject already be used as part of a project, the SmartObject will need to be published with the same GUID to retain the functionality and only expose the additional Methods.