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How to go about setting up a Destination Rule in K2 Five.

Before You Begin

The Destination Rule has been renamed to Recipients Rule in K2 Five.

How-to Steps

In K2 Five legacy workflows, the Destination Rule would have been used to allowed you to configure who gets a workflow task. In K2 Five non legacy workflows, the Destination Rule was renamed and is now known as the Recipients Rule.

You can access the K2 Five user guide for the Recipients Rule by following the URL provided below. This will provide you with instructions on how create and setup Recipients Rules in the K2 Five Designer.

The Recipients rule allows you to add logic to specify who receives the task. Select All Recipients to send the task to all users and groups, or select Certain Recipients, based on a rule to define conditions on who receives a task.

K2 Five Recipients Rule - K2 Five User Guide

K2 Five Lagacy Workflows Destination Rule - K2 Five User Guide