When attempting to deploy a K2 Package and Deployment package on a different environment, you may run into the following error:


"Process [ProcessName] failed to deploy.

The following errors occurred while compiling the process (with framework version 4.0): C:\ProgramData\Temp\e4d77a256bbd4d55a1ded72da25b8150\[WorkflowName] Workflow.kprx(0,0) : error : The field '[FieldName]' used in the Event Item on the '[EventName] Server Event does not exist in the environment library. Create the required field where necessary."


This issue may occur if you have a custom field inside your environment library.


To workaround the issue, create the custom field on your deployment environment manually, and your K2 Package will be able to deploy.

However, the developers identified this as an issue and it has been resolved in the latest version of K2.