The following error is displayed when trying to deploy a K2 Package from Source to Target:


The form is checked in, in K2 Designer.


This could be caused by a record in the database "thinking" it is checked out, even though the Form is checked in.

Please run the following SQL Query to verify:

SELECT * FROM [Form].[Form]
WHERE [Name] like '%FORM_NAME%'

SELECT * FROM [Form].[Form_Design]
WHERE [Name] like '%FORM_NAME%'

One of the columns in the Form.Form table's 'IsCheckedOut' might be set to '0' and the 'CheckedOutBy' might be set to 'NULL'.

An entry in the Form_Design table will also exist.

Please Note: The same error can occur for Views, the query will just change from 'Form.Form' to Form.View' and 'Form.Form_Design' to 'Form.View_Design'


If the query performed above returns a record and the Form is checked in, but a record is also returned in the Form_Design table, then there might be a clash in the information in the K2 database.

Please log a K2 Support Ticket for futher assistance.