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When creating a new package with the K2 Package and Deployment tool, the following error will be presented:

"[List Name] ServiceObject is referencing the [LookupList] property on the [Field Name] Field that could not be found."


Below is an example of how this error may appear on your own environment. It will happen at the beginning of your package creation, after you have selected your artifacts.


Troubleshooting Steps

A possible reason for this issue may be that you removed a property from your SharePoint artifact (List or Library).

The XML in the K2 Database will reflect the correct information, however the XML in the SmartObject does not match the properties in the SharePoint artifact.

The developers are aware of this issue, the XML should not be "out of sync" between the database and the Smartobject - this will be addressed in a future release of K2.

Possible workaround: Regenerate your K2 artifacts in the relevant SharePoint List or Library.

Important note

If you decide to use this workaround, some customizations may be lost. For example: if you edited the existing workflow to point to a custom SmartObject, the Smartform rules which you might have added after the items were generated will revert back to the default state of SharePoint after the regeneration. You will be able to add your customizations back afterwards. If you are not willing to do this, please rather contact K2 Support for further assistance.

1. Navigate to the relevant artifacts on your SharePoint List or Library

2. Click New > Generate SmartObjects > OK


3. If your Form was generated from the K2 Application in the default manner

    3.1. On the Artifacts Page > New > Generate SmartForms > OK


   3.2. If it was not generated in the default manner, check-out the custom View/Forms, Edit as needed, Save and Check them in.

4. This will recreate the XML

5. Please try to re-create the package.

If the error persists, a developer will need to create a script to remove the reference(s) in the XML - please log a K2 Support ticket for further assistance.