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This aritcle intended to clarify impact of existing K2 SSL requirements on configuration K2 for SharePoint in your environment.

Consider the following scenario: You are trying to configure K2 for SharePoint app after it has been deployed into SharePoint App Catalog (SharePoint 2013). But when clicking on the Settings link of the K2 for SharePoint app you are getting the following Error Message:

"The resource cannot be found. Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly. Requested URL: /mpadmin/K2forSharePoint/Pages/Settings.aspx"

This usually caused by the fact that app catalog was provisioned for HTTP web application (has HTTP URL) whereas your K2 schema is HTTPS (designer/runtime URLs) or the other way round. You have to configure your app catalog to match your K2 designer/runtime schema, keeping in mind that HTTP configuration requires extra configuration steps and recommended only for development environments.

For more details on how to configure HTTP web app and app catalog refer to the following section of K2 help: K2 FOR SHAREPOINT GETTING STARTED GUIDE 1.0 > Before You Begin and navigate to Sofrware and Hardware Requirements > SSL Requirements > Workaround for configuring a K2 for SharePoint On-Premises for non-SSL based connections

Before You Begin

If you doing your K2 for SharePoint installation for the first time consider reading K2 FOR SHAREPOINT GETTING STARTED GUIDE before you begin installation and configuration process.

How-to Steps

As stated in K2 FOR SHAREPOINT GETTING STARTED GUIDE 1.0 > Before You Begin section of K2 documentation under Sofrware and Hardware Requirements > SSL Requirements > Supported Scheme Configurations:

The URLs between your SharePoint site and your SmartForms and View Flow sites should be the same - either all SSL or all non-SSL.

We only recommend HTTP for development environments and if you want to use HTTP for web catalog you also have to use HTTP for K2 (designer/runtime URLs) - again if you open link mentioned above and look at Software and Hardware Requirements > Supported Scheme Configurations you will see a table which says that we do support

only: HTTP SharePoint + HTTP K2 Designer or HTTPS SharePoint + HTTPS K2 Designer and for HTTP option you also have to follow extra steps described under "Workaround for configuring a K2 for SharePoint On-Premises for non-SSL based connections" on the same page.

We highly recommend that you use the default SSL based connections, however, we realize that this is not always possible due to other constraints. This workaround provides steps for configuring the K2 environment for HTTP to HTTP connections in a K2 for SharePoint On-Premises installation.