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Set an Escalation in K2 Studio at the Event Level, not the Activity Level.

Before You Begin

Make sure you have a Workflow and that you understand the difference between Activities and Events.

#1. Activities are overarching containers of Events. Activities can have multiple Events.

#2. Each Event is it's own action. Events include all of the Wizards you are used to (Client Event, Placeholder, SmartObject etc.)

An Activity Escalation will start its timer right when the Activity is hit. If we have an Activity with multiple Client Events and someone is taking too long to do a Client Event, the Escalation could fire before we get to the CLient Event we really want it for.

An Event Escalation on the other hand will start it's timer as soon as the Event starts. This allows for a little more control over escalations. 

How-to Steps

#1. Open the Workflow and find the Event you want an Escalation for.

#2. Right click on the Event itself and select properties. See Image below. 


#3. Select the Clock looking image and this will pull up the Escalation Wizard for the Event. Simply configure it how you would like.