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Resolve an outbox item that is in an error state so that all subsequent items can process.

Before You Begin

Items that are "stuck" will have a red badge next to the item. Important to note that you should not delete an item before re-connecting to a network and trying the retry method first.

How-to Steps

Verify that the device is connected to a network and that offline mode is turned off (IOS).

1. Expand main menu, tap on Outbox

2. Tap to open the item in error

3. Tap on ellipsis for item to bring up Retry or Discard options

4. Again making sure that the device is connected, attempt the Retry option. This will reprocess the outbox item.

If connectivity is verified, and the item is still unable to be processed, a delete can be done to remove the item. The item and any information it holds will be not be processed or sent to the K2 Server and will be inaccessible. After successfully clearing the item in error (through a retry or delete), other items in the outbox will resume processing in order.