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The specified string is not in the form required for a subject

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Workflow email errors with this message:



This error will occur when using a text/memo field in an email subject from an Item Reference, SmartObject, or Data field that contains the encoding:

  • newline/line feed/LF/'\n'


This is similar to:



To resolve this error, inline functions and data field manipulation can be used to remove\replace the line feed; allowing for successful sending of the email.  This will be implemented to the effect of:

  1. encoding the text field with the URL Encode() inline function; this will surface the LF as '%0a' so that it is targetable
  2. removing/replacing this '%0a' portion with a Replace() inline function (perhaps replacing the line feed with a space)
  3. decode the field again


All of the inline functions can also be handled in a single data transfer event:

URL Decode(Replace(URL Encode([SubjectDataField]),%0a,[ReplacementString/EmptyString]))

Runtime Example:


Workflow started with a field that has a new line/line feed.


This is the email Subject with line feed replaced with space.


This is the data field audit trail if each step was done in a separate transfer data event.