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An error occurs when appifying K2 Application to a SharePoint List or Library:

Invalid location specified.

The following location might be invalid. Continue to "SHAREPOINT:SITE_NAME/ArtifactPage/ArtifactPage.aspx?isdoclib=true&splistid={xx-xxx-xxx-xxx}




The Custom Smartforms Designer URL environment field is created and set as default value. When running K2 for SharePoint Registration Wizards, K2 Site Settings lists SmartForms_Designer value is updated to use the custom Smartforms Designer URL value instead of the default value.

Troubleshooting Steps

Edit the custom Smartforms Designer URL, change the field’s type to Miscellaneous Field type, and set the default checkbox to False.

In this example, SPQA_sample_test_value field's type needs to change to Miscellaneous field type.


Edit the out-of-the-box SmartForms Designer SSL environment field and set default checkbox to True.


Navigate to K2 Settings list ([SiteURL]/Lists/K2%20Settings/AllItems.aspx )

and set the SmartForms_Designer list item to SmartForms Designer SSL value.


Re-run K2 for SharePoint Registration Wizard.