Change LDAP string to use a specific Domain Controller server

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We want to force the K2 server to use a specific Domain Controller. How do we do that?

Before You Begin

You will have to modify the LDAP string to use the Domain Controller you want to use, as described in this article:

You can also make sure the K2 Server is able to reach the Domain Controller using the "nltest" command, as per this article:

We built the string as follows:


 Where is the domain controller that needs to be used.

Note that if this domain controller becomes unavailable, K2 functionality will be impacted. Especially in older versions, K2 might not work at all.

How-to Steps

You can go to K2 Workspace / Management then browse to your User Manager -> K2 security label where you should see all your registered domains with their respective LDAP:// or GC:// strings.

You can edit the LDAP:// or GC:// strings there to only use one Domain Controller as per the above.

If there is only one domain registered then this LDAP string can not be edited, therefore you will have to make changes directly in the K2 database. Please log a support ticket to get help with modifying the XML in the RoleInit column for the "K2" Security Label in the [HostServer].[SecurityLabel] table.

Please restart your K2 Service for the changes to take effect.