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When Editing a view/form, a "SmartObject [xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx] could not be found" error is received.

After clicking OK on this error box the Designer will display the spinning wheel icon and hang straight thereafter.

The only way to exit is to close or reload the browser window.


K2 Designer hangs when attempting to edit a view or form.


A specially designed script was used to detect the view connected to the SmartObject in question based on the provided GUID in the displayed error. This script is used to then determine if it would be safe to create a new SmartObject which can be used to point to the broken SmartObjects GUID, it will also be used to rebind the view and all references to point to the correct SmartObject which in this case will then be the newly created one. After doing this the view will then be editable without any problems although a clean up would also need to take place to clear the database of any and all orphaned items as well as references based on the old SmartObejcts GUID. The script is also designed to do this.

This will be a customer specific script therefore a series of scripts will have to be run on your environment to detect the missing GUID, its locations, where it is used, if it safe to preform this change and a clean up of the old references.

To get this script please log a K2 support ticket in which a support engineer will be able to assit in providing and applying the script to the environment in question.

Please note that direct database changes will place you in an unsupported state, log a support ticket for a K2 support engineer to assist.