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To set a calendar to be the value of another calendar where you cannot use a rule. (You can blank it, or use todays' date.)

Before You Begin

To recreate: In this scenario calendar B will be reset to the value of calendar A, if someone tried to make calendar A earlier than calendar B:

- Create two calendar controls on a view - Add a rule for the changed event of calendar B, which fires on the condition that B is earlier than A.

- Make the action to set a controls properties (calendar B).

- Use the drop-down list (please see the "Working.png" attachment) to choose to make it blank or to set today's date.

- Run the view, and confirm that it is working correctly.

- Now change the rule to rather use a value from the other calendar (please see the "Not Working.png" attachment)

- Run the view again, and confirm that it is not working.

How-to Steps

A workaround will be to use the Default value in the rule set under Detail and then going to the Layout and specify the properties to use Today (Current Date.)
Or use the transfer data rule set to transfer the details.