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When the user starts the workflow, the task remains permanently in task list and K2 administrators are also unable to release this task.


The task remains permanently in task list and the K2 administrators are unable to release this task.

The following errors can be found in the K2 Host Server log:

K2:DOMAIN\User from is not allowed to open the worklist item with SN=xxxxx_xx "Error","General","1","GeneralErrorMessage","K2Worker.Action","1 26033 Worklist item xxxxx_xx Not Open for K2:xxxx\xxxxxx at


This error in host server is being logged when an entry in Actioner table for affected user(s) has a trailing space at the end of the username. To resolve this you can do the following:

1. In Active Directory check that the User does not have a trailing space after the User Account name. Check if the Actioner table contains any wrong information caused by a manual input.

2. Use the following query to check if the entry in the Actioner table has a trailing space:

Use this script to check if ActionerName has spaces in the beginning or in the end:

USE K2 SELECT ActionerName

FROM Server.Actioner


3. If this script returns any data it means that ActionerName contains space(s) in the end or in the beginning of its value.

Remember to create a database backup first,  before attempting any modifications of the K2 database!

Next, make sure that there is no trailing space for this user account in Active Directory and use the following script to trim the spaces around the ActionerName value:

Make sure to specify the correct ID, using information from the previous query:

USE K2 UPDATE Server.Actioner SET ActionerName=LTRIM(RTRIM([ActionerName])) WHERE ID=1