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Recreating the EWS Sync State if K2 stops responding to SmartActions emails

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SmartActions stopped working. K2 is still sending out Notification emails, but does not process the SmartAction replies to those emails.


K2 is still sending out Notification emails, but when users reply to those emails with SmartActions (like Accept / Reject / Redirect) then K2 doesn't action the worklist item.

Troubleshooting Steps

The below steps include making changes to your K2 Database.

Do not modify any database definition or database content unless specifically instructed to do so by K2.

No changes to the K2 Database definition or content are supported unless specifically instructed by K2.

Please contact K2 Support if you require further assistance as database modification is not supported:


To get SmartActions working again:

1. Delete (or move to another folder) all the messages that have been processed from the mailbox and leave the emails you want to re-process

1.1. The easiest way to do this is just setup another Exchange mailbox in Outlook for the SmartActions account instead of doing everything online

1.2. You can find the SmartActions account details in the [K2 Blackpearl]\Host Server\Bin\ConnectionStringEditor.exe program

2. Stop the K2 Blackpearl server service

3. In your K2 Database, backup the following table: [MessageBus].[EwsSyncState]

4. Delete the relevant record in the [MessageBus].[EwsSyncState] table

5. Start the K2 Blackpearl server service (this recreates the sync state)

This should reset the SyncState for K2 SmartActions then you can move individual emails back to the Inbox (as unread) and K2 should then process them.

Originally this issue occurred because it took more than 10 minutes for K2 to resolve an Active Directory user. There is a coldfix available that should improve performance for the AD Service 2 and ADUM service brokers. Log a new support ticket and mention internal ID #559365.