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Blank value cannot be set in child SmartObject update method: "Update" method of child table SmartObject which includes multiple records in one update. If each record is set a blank value of optional columns, the values are not set to blank from the second record onwards. The first record is working fine and can be set a blank value. 


  1. Load the record for the first time:


2. Edit record to set all the records blank for the Text column. Then click the Save button to execute update method SmartObject:


3. The result is that the List view was set to blank for the first record only.



Complete the following steps to resolve the issue:

1. Download and install the K2 4.7 August 2017 Cumulative Update from the K2 Partner and Customer Portal.

2. Log a K2 Support Ticket to get the K2 4.7 August 2017 Cumulative Update Fix Pack 5.

3. Install the K2 4.7 August 2017 Cumulative Update Fix Pack 5 to apply the fix.