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SharePoint - Get list item by id / by title "Ignore Missing Item" field not running correctly

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The input mapping field "Ignore Missing Item" is not running in its correct state. This is set at workflow level.

For example:

If this is set to Yes, this is expected to return empty and not have an error appear if there wasn't an item within the SharePoint list. However this is not the case as an error appears when checking on the instance within K2 Workspace.


When viewing K2 Workspace the following error appeared:  "Smart Object Is Empty"

This issue can be reproduced by doing the following:

- Create a list within Sharepoint and create a SmartObject using the K2 application feature
- Go to K2 Studio and create a new process with a SmartObject event
- In the SmartObject, choose to select the method "Get List Item by ID"
- On the input mapping section for the ID: the input mapping field for "required" should be set to "yes" and the value should be set to the Sharepoint list item ID.

Troubleshooting Steps

The property was created for Thin Client Processes only and will not behave the same for Thick Client processes. The reason behind the property was for Thin Client Processes to "Fail" gracefully, instead of a hard stop.

Some scenarios were to check if the ID exist then do "x" and "y", however if it does not exist, do not stop the process but continue.

You can safely ignore the property in the Thick Client and the results are expected to stop the workflow either way if ID is not found.