Microsoft Visual Studio has detected that an operation is blocking user input

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After editing a SmartObject (SMO) method in Visual Studio 2015 (VS), some functionality of VS stops working. Closing VS displays a prompt indicating "an operation is blocking user input.

This can be caused by an active modal dialog or a task that needs to block user interaction." However, no other dialog is shown. This only happens after editing a SMO, confirmed with a method edit even if no change is made. It seems that the SMO method dialog is triggering the issue.


The Visual Studio short cuts such as Ctrl F stops working. 

The following error appears when closing Visual Studio:
"Microsoft Visual Studio has detected that an operation is blocking user input."

Troubleshooting Steps

Complete the following steps:

1. Launch Developer Command Prompt for Visual Studio 2015

2. Change the directory to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Common7\IDE

3. Then run the following command to resolve the issue:

Devenv /setup