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After making changes to a form /view in K2 Designer, when you edit it again, the changes are not reflected.


  1. Check out and edit a form or view in K2 Designer 
  2. Make some changes to the form or view
  3. Click on the Save button to save the changes, then Finish to exit the edit mode
  4. Edit the form again, and the changes previously made are all gone
  5. Open another browser tab, and use the following URL to clear Runtime and Designer cache:

    <K2 SmartForms URL>/Designer/CacheControl.ashx?m=Clear
    <K2 SmartForms URL>/Runtime/CacheControl.ashx?m=Clear

  6. Edit the form / view in Designer again, and the changes you have made should now appear.

Troubleshooting Steps

K2 uses the date to determine which artefacts are stored in cache. If the date of the artefact is set to a future date, the artefact does not get expired from the cache even when the user saves the form/view. As a result, when you try to edit the form/view in Designer, or try to open the form/view, the previous version of form/view is being fetched from the cache instead.

This can occur if for some reason your SQL Server and K2 Server's system date is set to a future date, and you later corrected it.

To determine if you are facing this issue, go to your K2 Database and check the following tables, and make sure there are no records with ModifedDate set to a future date:

  • [Form].[Form]
  • [Form].[Form_Design]
  • [Form].[View]
  • [Form].[View_Design]

If you have records showing a future date, please contact K2 Support for advice on how to correct these dates.