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When renaming a SmartObject using mouse right-click and rename, this does not reflect on the workflow SmartObject Explorer.


After renaming the SmartObject by right-clicking and renaming from Designer, the table below does not update:


Also note, even if you rename / edit and change the name from the General tab, the version of the SmartObject does change.

Troubleshooting Steps

Resolve the issue by completing this workaround: (Do not use the right-click and rename method!)

  • Edit the SmartObject you would like to rename
  • Go to General
  • Disable the option "Allow this SmartObject to be used in Workflows"
  • Change the name from "Leave Request SmartObject" to "CHANGED_Leave Request SmartObject", and then
  • Select Save and Finish
  • Next, Edit the SmartObject again and Enable the option "Allow this SmartObject to be used in Workflows"
  • Save and Finish.