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Certain users belonging in nested groups are not able to trigger Workflows, despite being granted start rights.


Some users belonging in nested groups don't have their process rights carried over:


"UserA" who is a member of "SubGroupA," is not able to start a process instance.
"SubGroupA" is a member of "MainGroup".
"MainGroup" has been granted with process start rights.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Enable the Resolve Nested Group property from either K2 Workspace or K2 Management.

    On K2 Workspace:

    On the K2 Management site:

  2. Restart the K2 Blackpearl service.

  3. Run the script to expire the group:

    UPDATE [K2].[Identity].[Identity]
    SET [ExpireOn] = GETDATE(),
    [Resolved] = 0,
    [ContainerResolved] = 0,
    [ContainersExpireOn] = GETDATE(),
    [MembersResolved] = 0,
    [MembersExpireOn] = GETDATE()
    WHERE FQN = 'K2:DENALLIX\MainGroup'

  4. Run the UMUser Get Group Users SmartObject method from the SmartObject Service Tester and provide the name of the AD Group and the security label.