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You are unable to create a package due to an error on a form.

'[Form]' Form is referencing the 'Control with Guid: [ID]' property on the '[View]' View that could not be found.



  • There were no ALM errors on the form or the view specified on the Validation Details.
  • All the affected rules were pointing to the "then specify edit state for View and Form controls" action.

Troubleshooting Steps

Please complete the following steps: 
  1. Go through each of the rules indicated on the Validation Details
  2. Configure the "then specify edit state for View and Form controls"
  3. Update a control and revert it.
    E.g. Change a control from Read-Only to Editable, then back to Read-Only
  4. Click on OK, and then Finish the form
  5. Check the form back in
  6. Open Package and Deployment to create a new package including the form.