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SmartAction replies from a particular user are not being processed by the K2 server.


  • Enabling full-logging on the host server shows a warning recorded around the same time the user sent out the reply:

    61006 Permanent failure for message ID xxx: System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: Could not resolve identity using properties Name, Description, Email, Manager, SipAccount, ObjectSID, DisplayName, CommonName, UserPrincipalName, ID, GroupID, Enabled, IdentityType.

    Instructions on how to enable full-logging on the host server may be found in this KB article:

  • ADUM logs also show that there is an error when trying to resolve this user:

    Resolving ForeignSecurityPrincipal (CN=xxx,OU=yyy,OU=zzz,DC=aaa,DC=bbb). No attempts were made to retry.

  • This user is disabled in the [Identity].[Identity] table (Enabled = 0).

Troubleshooting Steps

To resolve this issue: 

  1. Go to Workspace > Management Console > User Managers > K2 > Settings.
  2. Check the Ignore Foreign Principals setting:


  3. Restart the K2 blackpearl service.
  4. Re-enable the user:

    UPDATE [K2].[Identity]
    SET Enabled = 1
    WHERE FQN = 'K2:[Domain]\[Username]'

  5. Refresh the identity:

    UPDATE [K2].[Identity].[Identity]
    SET [ExpireOn] = GETDATE() ,
    [Resolved] = 0 ,
    [ContainersResolved] = 0 ,
    [ContainersExpireOn] = GETDATE() ,
    [MembersResolved] = 0 ,
    [MembersExpireOn] = GETDATE()
    WHERE FQN = 'K2:[Domain]\[Username]'

  6. Run the UMUser SmartObject from the SmartObject Tester: SmartObject Explorer > All SmartObjects > UMUser Gets User Details:


  7. Verify whether the user is able to complete tasks via SmartActions.

Incorrectly editing the K2 Database can result in system instability or failure. Before making any database changes, it is strongly recommended to make a backup of your database. Database changes should only be performed by database administrators or users with sufficient knowledge and experience with SQL server to apply these changes correctly. If you need assistance with implementing these changes, please log a Support Ticket with K2 Product Support.

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