When attempting to change the scope of a list or library SmartObject to None, the following error appears:


"Thread 1: List does not exist. The page you selected contains a list that does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user."


This is caused by the deletion of a list or library without first deleting the K2 artifacts; leaving behind K2 artifacts for a list/library that no longer exists.


If you no longer wish to use a SmartObject/View/Form/Workflow, please delete these objects via the 'K2 Application' prior to deletion of the List/Library as per:

K2 Application > Delete All 


Possible options to resolve this issue include:


A) Manually deleting all artifacts pertaining to this deleted list in the order below:

1. Workflow(s)

2. Form(s)

3. View(s)

4. SmartObject(s)

5. Category


B) 1. Restore the list/library from the Site Settings > Site Collection Administration > Recycle Bin

2. Re-appify this list with the 'Create New Application' option; BUT select ONLY the 'Data Create SmartObject' option. This will re-appify the list and relink the objects; allowing for usage of the 'Delete All' option to delete K2 artifacts properly prior to the deletion of the actual list/library.