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Workspace goes into error: "Initialization failed before PreInit: Membership could not be verified: Timeout expired"

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The following error appears:

"Initialization failed before PreInit: Membership could not be verified: Timeout expired."

The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.


Possible Causes

- The application pool that workspace is running under, may be incorrect.

- The application pool user may not have sufficient rights to access the SQL Server which hosts K2 database.

- Please review log files for more information.

Troubleshooting Steps

This issue can be caused by the lack of permissions on the database level. As a simple test to verify this, you can create a UDL file as described in the Basics first : "UDL Test" article on MSDN. You can then use the workspace user account to connect to the K2 database to verify whether it  has the access from K2 server (check from all nodes) to the SQL server.

If your workspace user account had been given insufficient permissions on the DB you need to give correct permissions to access the K2 DB to resolve this issue.