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Error on Registration Wizard "Argument 'guid' may not be empty Parameter name: guid"

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When trying to run the Registration Wizard (via the App Catalog) for the K2 for SharePoint app it fails immediately and displays the following error: 

'The SmartObject Unknown or one of its components could not be resolved. 
Error Details: Argument 'guid' may not be empty Parameter name: guid'



Unable to register the K2 for SharePoint app. Running a repair on the environment and attempting the Registration Wizard again will not resolve the error.


To resolve this issue you need to completely clear the cache of the browser you are using.

To do this in Chrome, click the ellipsis to bring up the menu.
Select 'More Tools' > 'Clear browsing data...'
Check all the boxes and make sure it is clearing the items from the beginning of time to completely clear the cache.

To do this in IE, go to Internet Options.
Under the General tab, select the Delete button next to the Browsing history section.
The will bring up a menu to decide what to delete, please uncheck 'Preserve Favorites website data' and check every other box to completely clear the cache.

After the cache has been completely cleared the registration wizard will be able to be run successfully.