Unable to deploy a package containing SharePoint SmartObject - Restore version by ID method missing.

Two K2 Five (RTM) environments has the same configuration and both has K2 for SharePoint and SharePoint 2016.

In both environments there's a site named "Customer Service" and a document library named "Customer Contracts" with the exact same number of columns, of the same type and named exactly the same.



When trying to deploy a package that only contains the SmartObject related to that list, the following error appears:

"Restore Version By ID Method is missing from package"


Using K2 for SharePoint to re-generate the SmartObject for the list, created the missing method in the SmartObject.  The SmartObject was generated with 4.7 and then the server was updated to K2 Five.
The solution was then re-packaged but the SmartObject didn't have the new method.

Only regenerating the SmartObject and repackaging solved the issue.