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How to remove K2 from one of the two K2/Application servers

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This explains how to remove K2 on one of two application servers, which are currently load balanced by a virtual IP address entry in DNS which can be modified to point to the one server.

Before You Begin

On a production environment, please arrange downtime and also ensure no users are connected to the environment before making any changes.

How-to Steps

Please complete the following steps:

1. Update NLB to have only the servers where K2 will remain, in the resource group.

2. Execute uninstall of K2 on servers where K2 is to be removed.

3. Restart K2 services on servers where K2 is to remain.

4. Inspect the “server.server” and “HostServer.Server” tables in the K2 Database to ensure that entries to the old servers have been removed.