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User task is assigned to invalid Active Directory user when the email address Local-part ( is not the same as the Down-Level Logon Name (DENALLIX\c1234).


User's down-level logon name is: DENALLIX\c1234

Email address is:

When using the email address ( for user task assignment, it was assigning it to the string 'K2:DENALLIX\Codi', which is not a valid K2 FQN. The correct K2 FQN should be 'K2:DENALLIX\c1234'.

This does work if the down-level username and email local-part is the same, i.e.


This behavior is currently as designed. When assigning user task, the value should be in the K2 FQN format 'K2:DENALLIX\c1234'.


1.  Re-design the SmartObject, View/Form, and Workflow to store/assign the task to the K2 FQN format 'K2:DENALLIX\c1234'.

2.  Or add an additional step/configuration before the user task assignment that would resolve the email address to the correct FQN/K2 FQN (DENALLIX\c1234 or K2:DENALLIX\c1234) format; via perhaps an AD Service2 > AD User SmartObject or URM Service > UMUser SmartObject.

3.  If integrating with SharePoint and making use a SharePoint 'Person or Group' column, the 'Name' field should return the correct user FQN/K2 FQN base on the Active Directory down-level logon name.