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"Databases of the wrong type exist" error appears when installing K2 against a pre-created database.

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Installing K2 against a pre-created database results in an error:



The SQL Server database configuration test failed as databases of the wrong type exists


This is expected behavior. The K2 Installer currently does not support installation against a pre-created database. You must allow the K2 Installer (K2 Setup Manager) to create the database.

Additionally, the installation account (account performing the installation) will need to be part of the following SQL Server Roles:

dbcreator on the SQL Server.

securityadmin on the SQL Server.



Deleting the pre-created database and allowing the K2 installer (K2 Setup Manager) to create the database resolved the issue.

If you would like this functionality to install against a pre-created database, please log or upvote this idea at: