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ALM error indicated on States, however none of the rules on these states are marked with an ALM error

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A form indicates that there are ALM errors on some States; however it does not indicate which rules.  This prevents the addressing of the ALM errors indicated on the States needed to check in the form.


The HostServer log and SmartObject log does not show any errors.

The P&D tool also does not indicate any issues.


This behavior of ALM flagging issues on States but not showing on which Rules, was identified as a bug to be addressed in a future update.

A possible workaround is to locate the Rule(s) with the ALM error and to use the Rule Filter functionality toward the top right of the Rules pane. Uncheck the 'All' option and systematically toggle each of the Rule types; this may show the Rule(s) with ALM error to be a addressed accordingly: