"An item with the same key has been added" error appears when trying to access Domains in K2 Management

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You might receive the following error when trying to access Domains in K2 Management:

"An item with the same key has been added".



- This issue is related to the HostServer.SecurityLabel table in the database.

- Duplicate labelnames might exist in the ROLEINIT XML for the above table.

- Modifying the ROLEINIT XML resolves the issue.

Troubleshooting Steps

To troubleshoot the issue, please follow the steps below:

- Select the table "HostServer.SecurityLabel" table in the database, select the XML under ROLEINIT, select the first line (starting with ) and copy to a notepad

- Identify if there are any duplicate LOGLEVEL's and LOGSIZE's or any other fields

- Modify the ROLEINIT XML accordingly

- Run the following query against the K2 database:

UPDATE K2.HostServer.SecurityLabel

SET RoleInit = '[paste modified ROLEINIT XML here]'

WHERE SecurityLabelName = 'K2'

Restart the K2 Service

The issue should now be resolved.