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Unable to create a package in Sharepoint, UI P&D browser. 404 error appears on non-SSL configured environment

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When attempting to create a package from a SharePoint List or Library via the K2 App, an error will appear on the final page of the P&D wizard.

The errors are smilar to the following and you are unable to download a package:






The following behaviour is noted:

- It's possible to deploy packages onto this environment

- You can not create a package of the same application you just deployed. Packages with Included and Referenced Items gives the same behavior

- All default environment variables related to non SSL values have URLs that use http only

- Taking a network trace shows that the navigation hitting the https://[SF RUNTIME URL]. However, your environment is not configured to use SSL

- An AJAX.ashx call is visible in the network trace returning the same https URL.



This behavior is due to the fact that the SmartForms Runtime SSL URL value is hardcoded from your environment library to be used when navigating in the SharePoint UI P&D. The current workaround is as follows:

1. Navigate to K2 Management site

2. Navigate to the Environment Library

3. Select Development or Production (which ever one is set as your Default Environment Library)

4. Look for the Variable name "SmartForms Runtime SSL"

5. Edit the Value and change it to be the proper runtime URL for Smartforms that does not use SSL.


For example, the current value for SmartForms Runtime SSL is: https://k2.denallix.com/runtime/runtime

We can modify this to be: http://k2.denallix.com:80/runtime/runtime 

This value depends on your IIS bindings for http on the K2 site itself that houses the Runtime site

This behavior is currently under investigation by K2 internally. At this time the above workaround steps do not show any adverse effects elsewhere in the environment and will allow you to download the package at the end of the Package Creation Wizard.

Note: If you do modify your environment to use SSL further down the line, please ensure that after this configuration is completed we confirm the value for the SmartForms Runtime SSL URL that was modified above now reflects a proper URL configured with SSL.