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The following error appears when accessing a K2 application on SharePoint list that is previously appified:

"SmartObject [List Internal Name] not found.  Delete all objects and reset the settings for this list?"


The issue could be caused by the URL of the list modified via SharePoint Designer. The current K2 for SharePoint integration is designed to create SharePoint list SmartObjects using the SharePoint list internal name (SharePoint System Name).

If this property in SharePoint is changed, K2 will not be able to reference this SharePoint list. Hence, the current UI prompts the user to reset the K2 for SharePoint setting for this list in order for the user to regenerate the setting.

This design supports SharePoint list display name changes but does not support SharePoint System Name change which is what the issue is.

Troubleshooting Steps

Change the SharePoint system name back to the original value to resolve this error.