When trying to execute certain complex stored procedures via SmartObject, a timeout expired error is returned. This did not occur in previous versions of K2.


The following options were tried to resolve this issue:
  • Extended the SQL service instance's Command Timeout, but still getting the same error
  • Extended commandtimeout in K2HostServer.exe.config, but still getting the same error
  • The actual stored procedure is able to execute within SQL server and completes within the timeout configured above
  • No such error were observed before upgrading to 4.7
  • On 4.7 without any CU and FP applied, you may get a SQL transaction cannot be used error
  • After applying 4.7 May CU and FP1, the SmartObject may work again
  • After applying 4.7 Nov CU, the SmartObject will start returning the timeout expired error


In the SQL service instance, set the "Suppress Transaction" property to "true" to resolve this issue.