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Exchange Server Configuration username and password must be entered

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During the Exchange Server Configuration Wizard, an error "Username and password must be entered" appears.


This happens when attempting to use a different account for K2 email/SmartActions. The K2 service account does not have an email address and mailbox.  I.e.

DENALLIX\k2servicenoemail - no email

DENALLIX\k2smartactions - k2smartactions@denallix.com


This is expected behavior. Autodiscover will, during the Exchange Server Configuration wizard, use the K2 Service account; in which case it will need any email address for Exchange Autodiscover.





As workaround for this behavior, temporarily assign the K2 Service Account an email address (or the SmartActions email address). This will allow the K2 Setup Manager to proceed.  After the completion of the installation/reconfiguration, the email address for the K2 Service Account can be removed from Active Directory.