'Redirect' and 'Delegate' options are missing from the Workspace task drop-down.



'Redirect' and 'Delegate' options are available in the Workspace task drop-down when using Windows Authentication. Once you configured your Workspace to use Forms Authentication, both of the options will disappear from the task drop-down.

The system does a username check when users log into the Workspace by providing the username, password and Security label. If the Security label is not provided, it will not add redirect and delegate options to the task drop-down.

Below is an example of how the usernames are matched, without providing the Security Label, usernames will not match:



Troubleshooting Steps

When your Workspace is configured to use Forms authentication, please provide your Username, Password and the Security label in the login page:


The 'Redirect' and 'Delegate' options will then be available in the workspace task drop-down: