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When navigating to the SmartObject Tester Tool the below error occurs:

Configuration system failed to initialize

Error Inner Exception: '.', hexadecimal value 0x00, is an invalid character. Line 9, position 1.

(C:\Users\"UserProfile"\AppData\Local\SourceCode_Technology_Hol\SmartObject_Service_Teste_StrongName_nuzv5g5h3hkmablccjtahs2sxb2lw4y4\\user.config line 9)

Source: System. Configuration



You are unable to access the SmartObject Tester Tool for testing SmartObjects and creating Service Instances etc.


To resolve this issue:

- Navigate to C:\Users\"UserProfile"\AppData\Local\SourceCode_Technology_Hol\SmartObject_Service_Teste_StrongName_nuzv5g5h3hkmablccjtahs2sxb2lw4y4\


- Create a backup of the user.config file and then remove the user.config file from the location.

- Next, reopen the SmartObject Tester Tool and a new config file will be generated in the location.

- You will now be able to access the SmartObject Tester Tool.