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Executing the action "Then execute the rule 'when picker control is resolving'" will not resolve a Picker Control in K2 Five

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Let's assume you have a button on a View, and you have a Picker Control on the same View.

You have a rule set up that states "When Button is Clicked, Then execute the rule 'when picker control is resolving'".

In K2 4.7 and earlier, this would have worked and the Picker Control would resolve when you clicked that button. However, this does not work in K2 Five anymore.


The previous method was not the correct way of using this rule.

Troubleshooting Steps

Instead of having an action that calls another rule to execute, you should interact directly with the Picker Control. To do this, add an action such as "Then execute the Picker Control's Resolve method".

When using the actions in this way, you will successfully be able to interact with the Picker Control.