Trying to use the P&D remote app for K2 Cloud shows "Method not found: 'System.Version SourceCode.Deployment.Management.ISession.GetHostVersion()'" error.

System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'System.Version SourceCode.Deployment.Management.ISession.GetHostVersion()'.
at SourceCode.Deployment.Standalone.UIManagerAction.EnsureVersionSupported(ISession session)
at SourceCode.Deployment.Standalone.UIManagerAction.ExecuteManagerAction(Action`2 action)
at SourceCode.Deployment.Standalone.UIManagerAction.DeployPackage()
at SourceCode.Deployment.Standalone.Launcher.<>c.<btnDeploy_Click>b__10_0(UIManagerAction action)
at SourceCode.Deployment.Standalone.Launcher.ExecuteButtonAction(Action`1 action)


This occurs when you run the tool on a machine that has K2 or K2 client components installed that is not the same version as the app version.


To resolve this, uninstall the K2 Client tools. Please note this is a bug although not high priority as K2 Cloud users will never have the K2 Client tool or K2 installed locally. This will however help partners of customers that convert from onprem to Cloud based K2.